Molten Metals Corp

Roll-up of the “Other” Battery Metals

Incorporated in 2021, Molten Metals is a development company engaged in producing the lesser-known battery elements such as Antimony (Sb) and Tin (Sn). As such the company is focused on reactivating and expanding past producing and producing mines.

Molten Metals’ first target was the West Gore antimony/gold mine in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The company then incorporated Slovak Antimony Corporation, with the aim of reactivating antimony mines in Slovakia. During the time of the USSR, Slovakia was a known antimony hub. Now a member of the EU, the European Union is actively seeking ways support economic development in the country.

Molten Metals intends to roll up past producing and producing Antimony mines with the stated objective of producing 6-8% of the global antimony demand over the medium term