Environmental, Social and Governance

Our commitment

Health & Safety

At Molten Metals' projects, health and safety is our number one priority We want our workers and contractors to arrive at work and return to their families safely. Beyond maintaining a safe work environment, we provide a holistic approach to safety in the workplace which considers all aspects including quality training, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Environmental Stewardship

We actively target a low-carbon footprint. We aim to minimise the environmental impact by engaging local resources. Molten Metals respects the environment and land on which it operates and undertakes to restore the mine at the end of the mine life while improving the surrounding environment through our rewilding / reclamation of our tree planting and dam building initiatives. Our end-product, antimony, is intended to be used in molten salt batteries which will help expand the use and uptake of technologies dependent on renewable energy.

Social Responsibility

CPD / education, improving the lives of local, the regional economy and the enhancement of the environment Molten Metals upholds the highest social standards for investments and works with traditional owners to create opportunities.

People Focus

Maximise local employment opportunities. Molten Metals is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity.